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How to Safely Greet Dogs Coloring book for kids: Digital Download: $2

My name is Melissa Cox and I am the founder of Petz Carlton, Your Dog’s Home Away From Home. My father, R.F. Dickey was a three time world champion dog handler and trainer and I was raised in a multi-dog environment in South Alabama. It is of the utmost importance that our children know how to safely greet and interact with dogs and I hope you and your children both enjoy this coloring book. My husband, Michael Cox and I worked together to bring you a fun and educational way to ensure your child’s safety when interacting with strange dogs in public. I hope this will serve as a conversational piece with your child as you adopt these techniques.
Home Environment
Petz Carlton integrates your pups into their family while you are on travel so they can enjoy the same comforts to which they have become accustomed. We keep to your pup's normal routine and provide personalized care.
One on One Attention
Petz Carlton loves what it does and the pups that it serves. Personalized care, hugs and belly rubs is what we are all about!
Daily Updates
Petz Carlton shares photos of your pup's daily experience on our community Facebook page, email or text. You will always know they are having the time of their life. The videos are uploaded to YouTube and Facebook only.
More Hosts, One Roof
You know Petz Carlton and trust its mission. As we grow more hosts and hostesses will be trained and available to serve you. Choose by convenience of location, or as a backup when your primary caregiver is booked.
Guilt Free Vacation
Finally take a completely guilt free vacation trusting that your furry family members are in the care of the most professional, responsible dog lovers in town! Check in on them daily on our community Facebook page!
Build Social Skills
Petz Carlton hosts are professionals who encourage pups to build social skills with their own balanced pups & other Petz pups in a safe & controlled home environment.